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A Day at the Races

On a warm Sunday afternoon in May at the SlyFox Brewing Company’s Annual Bock Fest and Goat Race, the most unlikely of competitors rose to the top of a field of about 40 to bask in the radiant glow of the winner’s circle…

Your Cost to Complete: Do You Have a Clear Picture?

Your cost to complete a project hinges on a variety of known and unknown factors.  On a prior blog post, we focused on the importance of a contract’s “Schedule of Values”.  As emphasized in that post, the Schedule of Values must be a well delineated listing of all the tasks that constitute the project.  The […]

Construction Supply Chain post-COVID

There’s no question that the effects of the COVID pandemic are being felt across many industries. For construction, two major pain points were labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. Now, post-COVID, the push to build again has further strained the supply chains and have forced contractors to re-think or re-design their supply chains, and it’s […]

The Schedule of Values: don’t skim over this important document

A project owner typically negotiates with a contractor over several months to finalize a construction project’s scope, schedule, price, and other important project details.  Then the culmination of these efforts gets memorialized in the construction contract.  Among the many details that are outlined in the contract is a Schedule of Values. The Schedule of Values […]

Some Thoughts on Lien Releases

Does the Lien Release in your hand “tell a story”?  Is there a tale that you need to hear?  Is there trouble brewing?  Depending upon the viewer’s perspective, a Lien Release is seen as a receipt of payment, a protection from a lien, or a defense against a payment claim.  A properly executed Lien Release […]

How to Mitigate Construction Lending Risk

Today’s lenders face high hurdles when it comes to mitigating risk on large-scale, long-term construction loans. From the contract phase to the final payment, the right tools are available to enable the successful completion of even the most complex projects.  Here’s what you need to know.