Dayhill Group was founded to offer unparalleled transparency and integrity through our funds control service VERIPAY. Since then we have provided the finest surety escrow available in the United States. We are well-equipped to handle commercial construction projects of any size and scope.

Dayhill is staffed with a diverse team of construction risk management professionals that have skills that go well beyond the typical funds control company due to the other services Dayhill provides. We also offer comprehensive construction monitoring services, project completion services, and construction management services. We are experts at identifying and managing risks within any construction project. This expertise has saved our clients significant time and money.

Partners at the Helm
Our founding partners, Kevin Deasy and Paul Hill, understand the need for transparency and integrity in business. They have developed systems and procedures to make sure that their construction risk management services meet their high standards and exceed their clients’ expectations. They have hand-picked a team of the industry’s finest construction professionals to ensure the success of every project they service. Kevin and Paul continue to work in tandem to reshape funds control and construction consulting as they strive to offer the very best in construction risk mitigation services for the commercial construction industry.