Funds Control

VERIPAYTM: Intelligent Funds Control

Funds Control for the Surety, Banking, and Construction Industries

VERIPAYTM: Intelligent Funds Control maintains a standard of excellence on every project, coast to coast.  The service is backed by a team of hand-picked experts in their fields who are ready to help projects succeed from pre-planning through completion.  All escrowed funds are secured in project-specific, non-interest-bearing accounts backed by the FDIC.  Transparency is key as we offer a secure client portal that provides real-time, comprehensive data about each project. Log in anytime, anywhere to check on draw requests, payouts and other pertinent details.

How Funds Control Benefits Our Clients

VERIPAYTM is a trusted funds administration tool that ensures:

  • Project funds will only be released when every item on our control checklist has been verified.
  • Project funds are not diverted or misused.
  • The release of profit and overhead is strictly controlled and front-loading is avoided.
  • Cost overruns are immediately identified and you are promptly notified.
  • Every lien release is properly secured on a timely basis.
  • Bank balances are reconciled on an ongoing basis.

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Funds Control for Sureties

Use Funds Control to Mitigate Project Risk

Payment and performance risk is present on every construction project.  The biggest surety risk is the payment risk of subcontractors and suppliers not being paid for their products and services. Mitigate the risk with a trusted funds control service designed with the highest level of transparency and integrity in the business.

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Funds Control for General Contractors / Construction Managers

Employ Funds Control for a Competitive Advantage

Established general contractors and up-and-coming shops alike can benefit from VERIPAYTM.  Contractors are uniquely situated to use funds control to achieve a variety of results.

Established General Contractors:  VERIPAYTM is a superior bond alternative that can help you build the team of subs you want regardless of their ability secure a bond.

Up-and-Coming Contractors:  Funds control is your way to win larger projects that will open more doors for your growing business.

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Funds Control for Lenders

Use Funds Control to Lend with Confidence

As a construction lender, one of your greatest risks is misappropriated funds. Projects may not be brought in on time, on budget or at all.

VERIPAYTM: Intelligent Funds Control manages and mitigates this risk. It significantly improves the credit quality of the underlying collateral while only minimally increasing costs.

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