Safeguarding Interests

Dayhill Group provides risk management services on diverse construction projects. The Dayhill team carefully combines its experience in the construction industry with its knowledge of current risk factors facing today’s lenders and owners to formulate an approach that addresses the unique needs of each project. It is their expertise and commitment to a higher standard of service that has Dayhill poised to play a prominent role in construction risk mitigation for projects across America.

Pictured: Turkey Hill Dairy’s landmark venture “The Turkey Hill Experience”
—a 26,000 square-foot museum celebrating Turkey Hill Dairy’s rich history and delicious products like their ice cream and teas. A renovation of the former Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill in Columbia, PA, this attraction will revitalize the small town and stimulate the local economy.

Dayhill Group provides construction monitoring services for the lender of this museum project which is open for business.