About Us

Dayhill Group was established in 2009 to provide our clients with trusted solutions to the risks they face on large-scale commercial, industrial, and utility grade construction projects. Dayhill’s principals all came from the construction services industry and have a history of providing owner’s representation, funds administration, and project risk management solutions to owners, lenders and insurers.

Since our inception, one of Dayhill’s core strengths has remained our ability to secure the resources necessary to fulfill the needs of our clients. While Dayhill does have the benefit of an in-house team of professionals with a broad range of commercial construction experience, we are sensitive to keeping our overhead at a reasonable level to provide our clients with competitive pricing. We have found optimal balance between strong internal resources and trusted affinity relationships to properly staff our clients’ needs.

As we continue to write our history day by day, we will remain steadfast in our honorable values and our commitment to serve our clients with integrity and the very best talent in the industry. We call it our Trust Factor. You can trust us to minimize your project execution risk as we maximize your opportunities for success.

Dayhill Group – Minimizing Risk, Creating Opportunities

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