Construction Risk Management – You Produce, We Protect

VERIPAYTM is Dayhill’s proprietary system for minimizing project execution risk by providing an advanced level of protection and transparency required to give you an edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Click here for more information


Explore creative equipment leasing and financing solutions to acquire the tools you need to grow your business or upgrade to current equipment without impacting cash reserves or bank lines of credit. Click here for more information


VERILOANTM is Dayhill’s specialized lending solution designed to ease the initial project capital burden on contractors, while providing them with the opportunity to win more project bids. Click here for more information

Project financing is the most critical issue you face prior to construction. Our diverse network of lenders and investors coupled with our knowledge of various financial models can help your project become a reality. Click here for more information

Savvy investors expect their ventures to be properly managed and their interests to be well-represented and protected. Our program management service enables project success and positive return on investment. Click here for more information

Our construction monitoring services protect lenders against an array of financial and technical risks. Our suite of services allows you to choose a platform that is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Click here for more information